A Day Without Latinos And Immigrants, Alzheimer’s Among African Americans, Expense Of Breastfeeding

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The decision to breastfeed a child is a personal one, but it can be costly as well. Our guest explains that despite what some might think, breastfeeding is far from cheap. We also talk to a poet about her art and her work with people who have Alzheimer’s Disease, and we talk to the executive director of the group behind the protest Thursday at the capitol building called “A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants.”

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  • Thousands Gather in Front of the Capitol for 'A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants'

    Thousands gathered in front of the capitol building in Madison today for “A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants” to protest two bills that organizers say unfairly target immigrants. People protesting the bills have encouraged Latinos and immigrants not to go to work and some businesses have also closed for the day to demonstrate the impact of Latino and immigrant workers in Wisconsin.

  • Poetry And Alzheimer's

    We talk with a Wisconsin poet about the intersection of African-American history, poetry and her work with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

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