Data On Wisconsin Police Use Of Force, Message From Pres. Trump Through USDA, National Political News

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As national calls for law enforcement reform continue, we examine the frequency and levels of police use of force in three Wisconsin cities. Then, Wisconsinites that receive food through a federal program have also gotten a letter from the President. WPR’s reporter joins us with the details and the politics. Finally, we check in with the latest news from the nation’s capital.

Featured in this Show

  • Police Use Of Force Data For Three Wisconsin Cities

    The death of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake, among others, have put a spotlight on police departments’ use of force. We discuss data that examines how common use of force is in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. We also talk about how the availability of this information could affect police relations with the communities they serve.

  • USDA Food Boxes Include Letter From President To Recipients

    Some recipients of the USDA’s program that redirects farmers’ extra produce to families who have hit hard times in the pandemic have received an extra non-perishable item in their boxes recently — a letter from the president. We talk with a reporter about why some non-profits are concerned about including the letter in the boxes and what it all entails.

  • This Week In Washington: September 9, 2020

    We review some of the week’s top national political stories, including the campaign finance allegations and investigation of Postmaster General Louis Dejoy and the potential vote on a GOP coronavirus relief bill. We also check in on the presidential race after the candidates and their VPs have stopped in Wisconsin.

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