Cyberbulling And Virtual School, Election Day Logistics, COVID-19 Disclosure Lawsuit

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We’re joined by an expert on cyberbullying to discuss whether the problem is getting worse during virtual schooling. We also talk with a data researcher about her recommendations for running a safe and efficient election day in Wisconsin. Plus, a look at a lawsuit that would prevent the disclosure of companies with multiple cases of COVID-19 among employees.

Featured in this Show

  • Cyberbullying When Learning And Life Are Virtual

    Adults and children are spending more time than ever online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk with an expert on cyberbullying about what to watch for as children have shifted in many communities to online learning.

  • UW Data Researchers Share Model For An Efficient And Safe Election Day

    Voting operations are tough to set up in a normal year, and the COVID-19 pandemic makes the 2020 elections even more challenging. We talk with a Wisconsin researcher about how data can provide a blueprint for making election day safe and efficient.

  • Wisconsin Group Files Lawsuit To Stop Release Of Names Of Businesses Connected To Covid-19 Cases

    The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) group filed a lawsuit on Thursday in an effort to prevent the names of businesses with at least two employees who tested positive for COVID-19 from being released to the public. We talk with the lawyer representing the case.

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