Cruz and Sanders in Madison, State Democrats Split, Event On Issues Facing Black Women And Girls

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are projected to be the likely winners of Wisconsin’s primaries according to a Marquette University Law School poll. We’ll talk to WPR reporters who covered their campaign events in Madison yesterday. Many organizations focused on racial and gender equality are using the hashtag “Her Dream Deferred” this week to shine light on issues facing black women and girls in America. An event organizer explains the importance of talking about these issues.

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  • #HerDreamDeferred: A Week On The Status Of Black Women

    From March 28 to April 1, 2016, several different gender and racial justice organizations are sponsoring “#HerDreamDeferred: A Week On The Status Of Black Women.” This week features an online event every day to highlight specific challenges facing Black women and women of color. We talk to one of the experts behind the week’s events about why it’s important to highlight the challenges facing women and girls of color.

  • Wisconsin's Democratic Party Split

    Recent poll numbers show a tight race between Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Our guest explores Wisconsinites’ split opinions on the candidates.

  • Cruz and Sanders Appear in Madison as Marquette Poll Predicts Them as Likely Winners

    After being predicted as the likely winners of the Wisconsin primaries, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders both held campaign events in Madison yesterday. We talk to two WPR reporters who were covering the campaign events about what the candidates said and sentiment among the people in attendance.

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