A Critical Look At President Obama, How The Invasive Species List Might Change, The Coolest Stories From This Month’s Discover Magazine

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From cancer affecting Tasmanian devil populations to a science-fiction summer movie preview, this month’s issue of Discover Magazine is chock-full of science news. Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert talk to an editor about some of the top stories. They also speak with a guest who takes a critical look at Barack Obama’s presidency and discuss how wildlife officials would like to see Wisconsin’s invasive species list change.

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  • A Critical Look At Obama

    Midway through Barack Obama’s second term as President, our guest sees a politician who rose to the Oval Office on a mysteriously blank slate and a leader whose misguided approach is keeping him from leading.

  • Proposed Changes To Wisconsin's Invasive Species List

    Wildlife officials want to change the Wisconsin invasive species list for the first time ever. A biologist fro, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources explains the proposed changes and what the next steps in the process are.

  • Science News: Tasmanian Devil Cancer, Hurricane Sandy, Sci-Fi Summer Movie Preview

    The latest issue of Discover Magazine hits shelves Tuesday. A senior associate editor gives us details on some of this month’s top science stories, including a cancer affecting the Tasmanian devil population, a new book that argues Hurricane Sandy was a man-made disaster, and a preview of the biggest sci-fi movies coming out this summer.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Terrell Hyde Guest
  • Gemma Tarlach Guest
  • Amanda Magnus Producer

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