Crime Reduction Solutions Consistently Fall Short In Milwaukee, Album Preview For Milwaukee Band Field Report, Some Republicans Concerned Over Fall Elections

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While the city of Milwaukee has tried to reduce crime by implementing solutions proven successful by other cities, the results desired are not appearing. We talk to a reporter about what has been done in the past to reduce crime in Milwaukee and where they’re going from here. We also listen to a new album by Field Report, a band from Milwaukee, and find out more why Republicans might be worried about fall elections.

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  • Milwaukee's Crime Cycle

    Some say crime in Milwaukee is a cycle. A violent crime happens… there’s outrage… organizers create a solution… and money and resources pour into it. Then it’s abandoned. Solutions that work in other cities don’t seem to work in Milwaukee. Ashley Luthern dug into the problem for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

  • Milwaukee's Field Report Previews New Album In Buck Studio

    We sit down with Chris Porterfield of the Milwaukee band, Field Report to hear a preview of their new album Summertime Songs, and talk about the collaborative process behind it.

    Field Report performing in WPR’s Buck Studio

  • Are State Republicans In Trouble For The Fall Midterms?

    After recent Democratic wins in areas carried by Donald Trump in 2016, many observers say the 2018 midterms could spell big trouble for Republicans. Our guest says Wisconsin Republicans are deeply concerned about that possibility. But despite the worry, he explains why they insist a Democratic wave isn’t necessarily inevitable.

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