Covert Drone Operations Move To Africa, Who Could Be The Next Speaker Of The House?, A Look At The Future Of Football

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nancy pelosi
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is a front runner for House Speaker if Democrats regain control of the chamber. Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo

Football has taken some hits lately with critics concerned about head injuries and the long term health consequences. We talk to the author of a new book who makes the case that football still offers tremendous benefits to its players young and old. We also discuss prospects for a new Speaker of the House when Paul Ryan steps down in 2018 and we discuss reports that the C.I.A.’s controversial covert drone program is setting up operations in Africa.

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  • U.S. Expands C.I.A. Covert Drone Program To Africa

    The C.I.A.’s controversial covert drone program is expanding operations into Africa after being scaled back under the Obama Administration. We talk to a reporter who covers national security and terrorism about why, and how U.S. drone policy has shifted under the Trump Administration.

  • Who Will Replace Paul Ryan As House Speaker? Midterm Margins Could Tell

    Regardless of what happens in the midterm elections, there will be a new Speaker of the House taking Paul Ryan’s place in 2019. Who that will be though, depends on which party wins, by how much, and the mood of the majority’s caucus. We talk with an expert on the House about how the race is shaping up.

  • The Case For Saving Football

    Fueled largely by concerns and criticism over its head injuries issue, our guest says football is in serious trouble at all levels. However, he maintains that the game offers tremendous benefits to players that outweigh the risk of personal safety. He explains why he says football needs to be saved – especially for America’s youth.

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