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Equipment is set up for a recording session in RCA Studio A on Aug. 8, 2014 in Nashville, Tenn. The legendary guitar player and producer Chet Atkins developed the studio in 1964. With development putting a squeeze on Nashville's famous Music Row, some in
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We talk to a pair of music writers about how country music reflects our current political climate. Then, we talk to an expert on political extremism about the recent racially-motivated shooting in Jacksonville, Florida.

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  • How country music reflects our political climate

    Hot on the heels of country music star Jason Aldean’s controversial music video going viral, newcomer Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” recently achieved similar success with the political Right—even making its way onto the RNC debate stage. We talk to a pair of music writers about how trends in country music reflect our current political climate, and what the future holds for the genre.

  • After Jacksonville shooting, nation looks to ways to prevent extremist violence

    On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, Florida, and killed three Black customers. This is the latest in a string of mass shootings motivated by white supremacist ideology. An expert in extremism tells us why these attacks continue to spread—and what it would take to stop them.

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