Cost Of Healthcare Reform, Book Talk, Food Friday: Vegetarian Lasagna

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There are a number of interesting new books coming out, from a memoir by the first climber to scale Mount Everest solo, to the story of how humans developed. Our guest shares some of his favorites for spring. We also learn about the Great American Meatout on Food Friday, get a recipe for roasted vegetable lasagna, and cover the cost of healthcare reform in Milwaukee.

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  • High Costs Bedevil Efforts To Reform Milwaukee's Mental Health System

    A study released yesterday shows ongoing difficulties in the effort to reform Milwaukee County’s mental health system. While the county has taken steps to lower costs of treatment, these cost savings seem to be usurped by long-term overhead costs. A reporter provides background and details.

  • Book Talk With TTBOOK's Steve Paulson

    WPR’s Steve Paulson joins us to recommend a few of the best reads that have grabbed his attention as executive producer on “To the Best of Our Knowledge.”

  • Food Friday: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

    Every year on the first day of Spring, people celebrate the Great American Meatout by giving up meat for a whole day. Eating vegan or vegetarian for a day can seem like a big task, so we asked our resident foodie to come up with some meat-free recipes in case you want to take the plunge.

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