Cooking With Summer Berries, State Supreme Court Rules On Lame Duck Laws, Police Residency Versus Service Area, News

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Bowl of ice cream with strawberries and currants
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We talk to a chef and member of the Ho-Chunk Nation about using seasonal berries in our kitchens this summer. Then, we hear about the latest state Supreme Court rulings concerning Governor Tony Evers’ powers. We also hear from a Wiscontext editor who’s gathered and analyzed data about the impacts of loosening restrictions in Wisconsin over where police officers are allowed to live relative to where they’re stationed.

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  • Food Friday: Summer Berries

    Black raspberries, blueberries, and currants! They’re all in season and make for delicious desserts or additions to savory dishes. We talk with a Ho-Chunk chef from Wisconsin about her favorite ways to cook and bake with berries.

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules On Gov. Evers' Powers

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court made decisions in cases concerning Democratic Governor Tony Evers’ powers this week, upholding many of the lame duck laws passed in late 2018 and throwing out changes Evers made to the state budget last year. We talk to a reporter about the rulings and how they will shake out, in practice.

  • How Many Wisconsin Police Officers Live Where They Serve?

    Rules regarding police residency, whether or not an office is required to live within a certain distance of the community they serve, differ around the country, but on average about 40% of police officers live in the cities where they serve. We hear from a Wiscontext editor who gathered data from eight different Wisconsin cities about what that makeup looks like across our state and why loosened residency laws could be creating an “us versus them” problem.

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