Controversy Over Potential Supreme Court Interim Appointment, Electric Motorcycle Around Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Economic Comeback

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People don’t typically think of states like Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin when they think of economic powerhouses, but our guest says that might change soon. An urban studies expert explains why he thinks the Great Lakes states are poised for an economic comeback. We also hear the story of a man who rode his own homemade electric motorcycle around Lake Michigan, and we talk to a Wisconsin Supreme Court expert about the rumors that Governor Scott Walker might appoint an announced candidate to the open Supreme Court seat, stirring controversy.

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  • Rumors That Governor Walker Will Fill Interim Supreme Court Seat With Announced Candidate

    On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker said he is open to appointing one of the three announced Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates to fill the vacancy created by the death of Judge N. Patrick Crooks. The three candidates for the Supreme Court are Rebecca Bradley and JoAnne Kloppenburg, both appeals court judges, and Milwaukee County Judge Joe Donald. Since Governor Walker’s announcement, both Donald and Kloppenburg said they won’t apply for the interim position. Speculation has been brewing that Walker will appoint Bradley, the candidate backed by conservatives. An expert on the Supreme Court discusses this speculation.

  • Around Lake Michigan–On An Electric Motorcycle

    An Oconomowoc man made a first-ever loop of Lake Michigan on his homemade electric motorcycle. He talks about the trip, and makes the case for more infrastructure for electric vehicles.

  • Urban Studies Expert Says Great Lake States Are Experiencing A Big Economic Comeback

    When it comes to the Great Lakes states…places like Michigan, Ohio and even Wisconsin…there’s a perception out there that economically, these places can’t stack up with the powerhouse cities and regions on the coasts. But a guest urban studies expert says not so fast. He explains why he says the Great Lakes states are experiencing a big economic comeback.

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