Continued Storms, Make A Phone Call To Hear The Weather And Time, In Praise Of Roadside Attractions

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Wisconsin is full of quirky, intriguing, history-marking roadside attractions like the piece of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik IV in Manitowoc or the world’s largest talking cow now residing in Neillsville. Our guest tells us why we ought to slow down and appreciate these roadside relics while they last. We also find out more about the man keeping the lines open for Milwaukeeans to check the weather and time via phone and we take a look at Tuesday night’s storms that left thousands without power and damage across Wisconsin.

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  • Damage, Power Outages Across State After More Storms Hit Wisconsin Tuesday Night

    Another round of severe weather hit Wisconsin Tuesday night, resulting in power outages and damage across the state. We get the latest from a meteorologist with the National Weather Service-Milwaukee.

  • Why You Can Still Call 'The Time' And 'The Temperature'

    Nearly 80 years after its creation, did you know you scan still pick up the phone to hear the time and temperature? We meet the man who runs this service and discuss who uses it and why.

  • Roadside Attractions Deserve Your Attention

    If your idea of seeing a roadside attraction is looking out your car window as you whiz by, you’re not getting the full experience. Sure, some of them may be strange and even a little corny, but they also hold a lot of importance and history. We talk to a guest who says the Midwest is loaded with great roadside attractions that should be visited before it’s too late. Yes, that does include the world’s heaviest ball of twine, which has been growing in size since 1979, and even The Rock in The House (not to be confused with The House on the Rock) that allows visitors to peek at the 55-ton boulder that rolled down the hill and into someone’s home in 1995.

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