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Six Wisconsin farms have joined a partnership to maintain soil health. We find out how they’re changing their farming practices to keep their fields fertile. We also talk with the author of a book on invasive species about how the movement of plants and animals is changing ecosystems around the globe. Plus, a look at the push for a Constitutional Convention.

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  • Joining 27 Other States, Wisconsin Lawmakers Want Constitutional Convention

    A growing national movement to amend the nation’s constitution now includes the state of Wisconsin, as state senators voted yesterday in favor of proceeding with a so-called Constitutional Convention. The state assembly also voted in favor of the resolution earlier this year. A reporter breaks down what’s behind the push.

  • Wisconsin Farms Participate In National Soil Health Program

    Northcentral Technical College is one of the Wisconsin sites participating in the Soil Health Partnership, sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. We find out what it entails, and how it could promote better soil and water quality.

  • How Invasive Species Are Changing The Planet

    Invasive species aren’t “new” news. They’ve made headlines for decades, and in some cases, caused real problems. Take Wisconsin for example, where species like common buckthorn, the emerald ash borer and the jumping worm have wreaked havoc.

    But what has changed, according to our guest, is the conversation we have about invasive species and the urgency associated with it. Join us as we look at how invasives affect our planet and what’s ahead as we try to prevent their spread and manage them.

    How have invasive species affected your communities? What suggestions do you have for addressing the spread of invasive species? Do you think invasives aren’t so bad? Why or why not? Join the conversation by emailing, posting on The Ideas Network Facebook page and mentioning @centraltimewpr on Twitter.

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