Constitutional Amendments, Latest Science Headlines, Encouraging Women For Leadership Roles

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A recent study shows that after a few years of work, women’s ambition to hold leadership roles drops 60 percent, while men feel no change. We discuss the reasons behind this ambition drain, and how companies can be more supportive. We also learn more about Pluto in our review of the latest science news, and we’ll get an explanation on what it would take for a constitutional amendment to be passed on same-sex marriage.

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  • Governor Walker Would Support Constitutional Amendment On Same-Sex Marriage

    Governor Scott Walker recently said that he would support a constitutional amendment that would ensure that same-sex marriage is decided on a state-by-state basis. With a US Supreme Court ruling on the issue due this month, we look at how a constitutional amendment is passed and what it means.

  • Science News: Pluto Preview, Hookworms For Autoimmune Diseases, Self-Domestication

    In July, NASA’s New Horizons mission is expected to have lots of new information about Pluto. An editor at Discover Magazine explains what we can learn by the dwarf planet furthest from the sun and other science headlines, including hookworms as a way to treat autoimmune diseases and a theory that self-domestication is the reason our species is so successful.

  • How Managers Are Key To Women's Career Aspirations

    A recent study from Bain & Company showed that after just a few years of work experience, many women lose the ambition and confidence necessary to chase a leadership role. We discuss the results of the survey, and what companies can do to encourage their female employees.

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