Conservative Groups’ Take On Campus Free Speech Bill, Wetlands And Flooding, Week In Washington

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Some conservative groups are opposing a bill in the Wisconsin legislature limiting protests. We’ll find out why. We’ll learn about the role of wetlands in flood prevention. And we’ll look at some top national political stories, including reaction to Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

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  • The Role Of Wetlands As Wisconsin Deals With More Flooding

    As Wisconsin braces for climate change and a future with more flooding, we talk to a conservationist about the role that wetlands can play.

  • Conservative Groups Come Out In Opposition Of The UW Systems Free Speech Rules

    The UW Board of Regents are considering a plan that could suspend and expel students who repeatedly disrupt speakers on campuses throughout the state. However, several conservative groups have come out in opposition of the proposed policy. We’ll talk to a reporter about the news.

  • This Week In Washington – October 16, 2019

    We discuss some of the top news in Washington this week, including reaction to Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

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