Congressional Vote On Syrian Refugees, Tackling CWD, Recipes Featuring Cauliflower

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Deer hunting season is upon us, but chronic wasting disease affects the animal population in 38 counties around the state. An outdoors reporter says Wisconsin’s DNR can learn from other Midwestern states dealing with this issue. We also learn some tasty recipes featuring cauliflower, and we talk with a member of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation about yesterday’s vote on the American Security Against Foreign Enemies SAFE Act.

Featured in this Show

  • Congressman Ron Kind On Syrian Refugee Bill

    Ron Kind represents Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. He joins us to discuss his vote yesterday in favor of the American Security Against Foreign Enemies, or SAFE, Act.

  • Wisconsin's Approach To Chronic Wasting Disease

    Our guest outdoor writer says Wisconsin has become passive in its efforts to curb chronic wasting disease in the state’s deer population, in contrast with Michigan where a more aggressive approach is underway.

  • Food Friday: Cauliflower

    Even though it’s available year-round, cauliflower is in peak season in the fall and is considered by many to be a fall vegetable. In recent years, cauliflower has become a popular stand-in for starchy vegetables. Food Friday regular Lori Skelton discusses her favorite ways to cook with cauliflower.

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