Congressional District Candidate Interviews, How Athletic Performance Is Impacted By Presence Of Fans, High School Football And Covid-19

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A group of cheerleaders wearing masks and shaking pom poms stand in the bleachers.
In this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo, the Jemison band’s flag girls wear masks as they cheer on their team at an Alabama high school football game between Jemison and Thorsby in Thorsby, Ala. Many high schools have started football but states like California and Illinois canceled the entire season. (Vasha Hunt/AP Photo)

Many sports have and continue to push forward with their competitions and games but with one thing removed– their cheering, noise-making fans. We talk with a professor of performance psychology about how fan-less stands can impact an athlete’s performance. We also check in on how high schools across the state are handling sports, and we hear from two candidates running for Wisconsin’s Congressional seats torepresent the fifth district.

Featured in this Show

  • Fifth Congressional District General Election Candidate Interview: Tom Palzewicz

    In our series interviews with candidates for the Wisconsin’s Congressional seats, we speak with Tom Palzewicz. He is running to represent the Fifth Congressional District in the November 3 general election against Republican Scott Fitzgerald to replace Rep. James Sensenbrenner.

  • Does It Matter For Athletes If The Fans Aren't There?

    From tee-ball and peewee soccer up to college and professional sports, spectators are as much a part of games as the athletes. But during COVID-19, that’s changed. We ask an expert in the psychosocial aspects of sports what impact that has on sports performance.

  • How High School Football Programs Are Dealing With The Coronavirus

    High school football is a staple of fall sports. We find out how schools and programs around the country are dealing with the threat of COVID-19 this season.

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