Congress Weighs Big Tech Regulation, Game Show History

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Wheel of Fortune host and contestants
Host Pat Sajak, contestant Megan Sippey, actor Neil Patrick Harris, contestant Seth Ramus, actress Diane Neal, contestant Diana Mallon and actor Robert Gossett make an appearance at Radio City Music Hall for a taping of celebrity week on “Wheel of Fortune” hosted by People Magazine. The taped shows aired the week of November 12 to celebrate the shows 25th anniversary in New York, Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007. Peter Kramer/AP Photo

Several antitrust bills aimed at technology companies were approved by the House Judiciary Committee last week. We talk with an expert on antitrust law about what it could mean for tech platforms and users. We also hear about a new archive preserving the history of the TV game show.

Featured in this Show

  • Congress Considering New Antitrust Action Against Big Tech

    The House Judiciary Committee advanced several bills last week that would allow for more regulation of companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. We talk with an expert on antitrust law about what it would mean for big technology companies and users.

  • The history of the game show

    The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY announced it will be the home of a new National Archive of Game Show History. We talk to a museum expert about game shows past and present and ask you to share your memories of watching them or even being a participant.

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