Concussion Settlement, High Schoolers Are Smoking Hookah, How Culture Shapes Madness

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Culture may be shaping modern delusions, according to Veronica Rueckert and Gene Purcell’s guest psychiatrist. He explains how and what we can do about it. Veronica and Gene learn about a new trend among teens: smoking hookah. A pediatrician discusses what smoking from a hookah does to your health and the implications for public health. They also discuss a proposed settlement between the National Football League and former players over brain related injuries.

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  • NFL Concussion Settlement Approved By Federal Judge

    A federal judge has cleared the way for a settlement between the NFL and former players for concussion related claims. A sports reporter explains the proposed deal, and what could happen next.

  • Study: Nearly 20% Of High School Students Have Smoked Hookah

    According to a new study, nearly one-in-five high school students have tried smoking from a hookah. The co-author of the study explains the demographics behind who is doing the smoking, and discusses the public health implications.

  • How Culture Shapes Madness

    The 1998 film The Truman Show depicted a man who discovered his entire life was the subject of a TV show. While that story was fictional, our guest psychiatrist says he started to meet more and more clients who believed they too were living in a world like The Truman Show. He explains how culture may be shaping modern delusions.

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