Concussion Research, Mosquito Outbreak, Congressional Check-In

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Wisconsin researchers have been tapped by the White House to lead a comprehensive study on sports-related brain trauma. Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert find out what’s currently being done to study concussions, and what questions still need to be answered. They also find out what Congress is up to this week, and discuss the mosquito outlook for the summer.

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  • Wisconsin Researchers To Participate In $86M Concussion Initiative

    Wisconsin brain injury researchers have received funding to lead a study on concussions and other forms of sports-related cognitive injuries.

    The research is part of a new $86-million initiative sponsored by the Obama administration, NCAA, NFL and other individual donors.

    Michael McCrea, professor of neurosurgery and director of brain injury research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, has studied concussions for more than a decade and will take part in this new study. McCrea said this research will help us know how long it takes the brain to fully recover from a concussion before an athlete should be returned to physical activities.

    “The research takes us into an entirely new space of our scientific understanding of concussion,” said McCrea.

    Researchers at the Medical College will use head impact sensors to analyze the severity of head impacts that athletes sustain while playing sports. Injured athletes will also undergo multiple tests such as magnetic resonance imaging scans and blood testing to measure the period of physiological recovery, post-injury, said McCrea.

    “We still need a more evidenced-based approach as to how we return athletes to participation once they have achieved a more clinical recovery,” said McCrea.

    McCrea said that he wants the science to answer unclear questions to a common yet serious injury.

    With the rise of sports-related brain injuries over the last decade, sponsored projects like this will hopefully bring concrete understanding of recovery signposts after suffering injury and bring forth better safety for competitive athletes.

  • New Research On Sports-Related Concussions

    The NCAA and the Department of Defense have commissioned Wisconsin researchers to lead a comprehensive study on sports-related brain trauma. One of the lead researchers discusses the latest information and scientific advancements surrounding the study of concussions… and answers your questions.

  • Why The Mosquitoes Are So Bad, So Early In The Season

    Some are saying it’s the worst mosquito outbreak in recent memory. An entomologist discusses why the the mosquitos are so bad, so early in the season.

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