Concerns Voiced Over Streamlining In UW System, Coronavirus Impact On Wisconsin Real Estate, Washington News

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Photos and candles honor black people killed by police
Photos and candles honor black people killed by police — including Dominique Crawford and Freddie Gray seen here — in a memorial made by protesters in Madison, Wis., at the state Capitol on June 3, 2020. Keni Rosales/WPR

A UW-Stout faculty member talks with us about some of that campus’ reaction to a plan for the UW system to consolidate majors, among other streamlining steps. Then we discuss the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on real estate in Wisconsin with a broker and an economist. And we catch up on the Week’s top Washington stories, including whether Congress will move forward with additional economic recovery funding.

Featured in this Show

  • A Response To The UW System's Plan To Move Forward

    A plan to streamline the UW system would increase online learning, and also consolidate majors that are offered on multiple campuses. A representative of a group of faculty members at UW-Stout shares their concerns.

  • How The Pandemic Has Impacted Home Sales In Wisconsin

    While summer months are peak sales times when it comes to home buying, the pandemic has shaken up the real estate industry, just as it has most others. We talk with both a real estate broker and a Wisconsin real estate data expert about what the local market has looked like over the past few months.

  • This Week In Washington: June 24, 2020

    A congressional reporter joins us to review some of the week’s top stories out of the nation’s capital, including an impasse between Democrat and Republican plans for police reform.

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