Concealed carry in Wisconsin, Virtual reality and the metaverse, Latin American composers

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Gun advocates attend a rally at the state Capitol
A unanimous ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court found the state cannot bar those convicted of disorderly conduct from getting a concealed carry gun permit. Sue Ogrocki/AP Photo

We hear from a state lawmaker and a policy expert on a proposed bill to lower the age for concealed carry permits in Wisconsin. Then, a professor who teaches a class in virtual reality explains what the metaverse is and why companies are investing in it. Later, we learn more about a Lawrence University effort to draw attention to Latin American classical music.

Featured in this Show

  • Proposal in state legislature would lower age for concealed carry permits

    We talk to the sponsor of a bill that would lower the age to carry a concealed weapon from 21 to 18. Then, a gun policy expert joins the program to explain concealed carry laws.

  • What is the metaverse and why are companies investing in it?

    Some tech companies think the future is in what’s called the “metaverse.” We’ll learn what exactly this online world is and why major corporations are starting to invest into it.

  • Increasing awareness and access to Latin American classical music

    We talk with two Appleton musicians who run a project that’s raising the profiles of Latin American composers, and helping catalog and disseminate their music around the globe.

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  • Horacio Contreras Guest

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