Concealed Carry Bill, Tenkara Fly Fishing, Living With A Disability

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A new bill advancing in the state legislature would make it legal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. WPR’s state capitol reporter gives us the details. Tenkara is an affordable, low-maintenance form of fly fishing with its roots in Japan, and it’s catching on in Wisconsin. A tenkara expert explains the basics and what we can do to start casting. Living with a physical disability changes the pace at which people can perform even the most basic tasks. An author shares how her disability made the notion of time seem to change. We also talk about one of today’s top news stories.

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  • Concealed Carry Expansion Bill In Wisconsin

    A new bill would make carrying a concealed weapon without a permit legal in Wisconsin. The legisation advanced out of a Senate committee Tuesday. The bill now goes to the full Senate, which could take it up next month. We talk to WPR’s state capitol reporter about the bill.

  • Tenkara Fly Fishing Catching On In Wisconsin

    A Japanese form of fly fishing called tenkara is gaining a following in Wisconsin. Unlike more familiar types of angling, tenkara requires just few pieces of lightweight equipment and a quick learning curve. We talk with a tenkara expert about why he loves its simplicity and shares the basics for anyone who wants to start casting.

  • Living With A Disability Means Nothing Runs Like Clockwork

    For people with disabilities, every little life routine is never routine. Completing what would be a simple task by an able-bodied person can take much, much longer for someone living with a disability. A work deadline or a spontaneous idea to meet someone for dinner – these aren’t necessarily achievable. We talk with a UW-Madison associate professor of English about living this life and how she maneuvers through a world that doesn’t understand why she can’t be in sync with schedules and fit into the norm.

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