Compressed Workweeks And All-Time Movies To Watch In This Time

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A pop-up drive-in movie in a New York parking lot
“Dirty Dancing” is shown at a pop-up drive-in movie held in the parking lot of the Bel Aire Diner, Wednesday, May 13, 2020, in the Queens borough of New York during the coronavirus pandemic. Mark Lennihan/AP Photo

We look at the arguments for and against a four-day workweek. Then, while we’ve been watching ‘big screen’ movies on our ‘small screens’ at home, maybe you’ve reconnected with a few all-time favorites. We discuss some of the classics with an English and film professor.

Featured in this Show

  • Is It Time To Shift To A Four-Day Work Week?

    Spain is about to become one of the first countries to experiment with a four-day workweek, allowing workers to spend more time with families without losing any pay. We look at the pros and cons of compressed workweeks and whether the practice may be adopted in the U.S.

  • What's one movie you think everyone should see?

    While seeing a brand-new movie or show is exciting, there are many time-tested classics that could be worth a watch. We talk with a Wisconsin film professor about what makes something a classic, and we ask you to share your must-see movies as well.

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