Commercials That Drive You Crazy, How Cold Weather Impacts Insects, Week In Washington

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Last week’s record-setting cold temperatures were enough to put human safety in danger, but what about insects? We hear from a Wisconsin entomologist about how bug populations fared. We also ask you what commercials have you pressing the mute button? We also talk about President Trump’s second State of the Union address on this week’s Week in Washington.

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  • What Commerical Makes You Cringe?

    Is there a commercial that sends you scrambling for the remote or plugging your ears? Tell us what it is and why!

    Let us know by commenting here, email us at, or tweet us a@CentralTimeWPR.

  • Does Last Week's Polar Vortex Mean Fewer Pesky Insects Come Spring?

    We’ve survived to see another week of Wisconsin weather, despite the record-setting cold temperatures brought on by the polar vortex, but what about the bugs? How do bugs fare when weather is harsh? We talk with a Wisconsin entomologist about how cold weather could impact the insect populations around us.

  • Looking Back At President Trump's Second State Of The Union Address

    President Trump delivered his second state of the union address last night, as another government shutdown could be just more than a week away. We talk with a political scientist about what Trump had to say on security, the economy, and more.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Jamee Hubbard Guest
  • Lilly Goren Guest

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