Coming U.S. Supreme Court Rulings, Avoiding Insect Bites, Pollen And COVID-19

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A bee collects pollen in a sunflower field, Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015, near Lawrence, Kan. The 40-acre field planted annually by the Grinter family draws bees and lovers of sunflowers alike during the week-long late summer blossoming of the flowers. Charlie Riedel/AP Photo

A Supreme Court watcher joins the show to preview some of the big rulings the court is expected to make in June. Then, we talk about how to prevent mosquito and tick bites this summer. And, we discuss the impact of pollen on COVID-19, and why climate change may make things worse.

Featured in this Show

  • A Preview Of The Supreme Court's Upcoming Decisions

    The U.S. Supreme Court will release its rulings on four crucial cases in June–including a voting rights case out of Arizona and a student First Amendment challenge. We talk to an expert to learn more about what to expect from the Supreme Court this month.

  • Preventing Tick, Mosquito Bites This Summer

    Summer is upon us, and that means many are spending more time outside. We talk to an expert from the state Department of Health Services about how to prevent tick and mosquito bites.

  • Pollen Increases COVID-19 Risks; Climate Change Makes It Worse

    Pollen can exacerbate COVID-19, and our changing climate means pollen season exposes people for longer stretches of time. Our guest is a researcher who explains what people can do to limit risk, immediately and long term.

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