Colin Kaepernick And the Nike Swoosh, Gubernatorial Race Update

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Scott Walker and Tony Evers
Photos courtesy of the Walker, Evers campaigns

It’s two months until Election Day. We talk with the editor of WisPolitics about the latest ads and controversies leading up to the big day. We also discuss why Colin Kaepernick’s appearance in a Nike ad campaign lead to both support and boycotting from consumers.

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  • Nike Ad Stirs Discussion On Kaepernick's Message, Anthem Protests

    Nike’s new advertisement featuring quarterback Colin Kaepernick is causing more debate over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and police violence. We talk with a sports writer about reaction to the ad, the voice of activist athletes, and why Kaepernick’s message may be getting lost in the shuffle.

  • The Latest In The Race For Wisconsin Governor

    In less than two months, Wisconsin voters will go to the polls to cast their ballot for Governor. Incumbent Governor Scott Walker is running on the Republican ticket, while Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers runs for the Democrats. J.R. Ross, Editor of WisPolitics, joins us to talk about the latest ads and controversies in the gubernatorial race.

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