Chronicling Coronavirus Life In Wisconsin, Lesser Known Baseball Stories, Governor Evers’ ‘Badger Bounce Back’ Plan

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ov. Tony Evers speaks to Wisconsinites in an online message, March 21, 2020
Gov. Tony Evers speaks to Wisconsinites in an online message, March 21, 2020. “The people that are helping us get through this crisis, the ones that are in the health care world, whether it’s EMTs, health care workers, first responders, nurses and so on, are putting their lives and their hearts on the line to help us get through this. Now what we can do to help them is, frankly, stay at home.”

We learn about some ways the lives of Wisconsinites are being documented during this strange time, to share with future generations. Then we talk with a children’s book author about great stories from baseball’s history we may have forgotten, or not known about in the first place. And we look at Governor Evers’ new plan to re-open Wisconsin’s economy.

Featured in this Show

  • Wisconsin Projects To Document Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    We are living through an historic time, and it’s important to document life today for posterity. We learn about two projects meant to record the experience of living through the coronavirus outbreak here in Wisconsin.

  • The Baseball Stories You've Never Heard Of

    With the baseball season on pause, our baseball memories have never been more important. We talk to the author of a new children’s book rounding up some of the lesser known figures and stories of baseball history.

  • 'Badger Bounce Back' Lays Out Phases For Reopening State's Economy

    The state Department of Health Services is out with a plan to reopen Wisconsin’s economy in three phases, dependent on how COVID-19 testing and tracing capacity progresses. We talk with a WPR reporter about the details of the “Badger Bounce Back” and how it’s being received.

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