Chronic Wasting Disease Gains Ground In Wisconsin, Moving To A New Place, Importance Of Local And Interstate Roads

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New reports show that Wisconsin has a tough decision on what to do about its roads: either fix local roads that are in poor condition, or update the aging interstate highway system. We hear from supporters of each option, and discuss how the choice will affect Wisconsinites. We also explore what it’s like moving to a new area, and talk to an outdoors columnist about new numbers showing an increase in cases of chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin.

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  • Chronic Wasting Disease Gains Ground In Wisconsin

    New numbers from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources show cases of chronic wasting disease have increased significantly in the state over the last few years, and instances of reporting the disease are going down. An environmental reporter discusses this new information and what it could mean for hunters in Wisconsin.

  • New Report Calls On Lawmakers To Prioritize Fixing Local Roads Over Interstate Expansion Projects

    Our local roads are in bad shape, and it’s time to prioritize fixing them over interstate expansion projects. That’s according to the authors of a new study, who say over 42,000 miles of local roads in the state are in need of immediate repair, and are calling on lawmakers to adjust the state’s transportation budget accordingly. One of the authors makes the case for fixing local roads over highway expansions.

  • Transportation Policy Expert Says Wisconsin Interstates Need Modernization, Consideration Of Toll Roads

    A transportation policy expert says much of the Interstate system is nearing the end of its original 50-year design life, and is due for a modernization. He makes the case for Wisconsin to priortize its Interstates when considering future transportation budgets, and to consider instituting tolls in order to help pay for any reconstruction.

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