Chief of Wisconsin National Guard Resigns, Meet A Young Wisconsin Taxidermist, Watching TV Together

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We learn what’s next after Wisconsin’s National Guard head resigned amid a federal investigation into how the group dealt with sexual assault allegations. Then we learn what it’s like to be a young Wisconsin meat processor and taxidermist now. And we discuss whether people can bond watching TV.

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  • Head Of Wisconsin National Guard Resigns Amid Scrutiny Of Sexual Assault Investigations

    The head of Wisconsin’s National Guard, Maj. Gen. Donald Dunbar, has resigned after a federal report was critical of how the Guard has handled investigations into sexual assault and harassment. We hear more about the findings of the federal investigation, and talk about what comes next.

  • Young Wisconsin Taxidermist and Meat Processor Kept Busy Despite Decline In Deer Harvest

    Many Wisconsinites enjoy deer hunting for the experience, but also the meat and potential taxidermy work. We talk with a Wisconsin meat processor and taxidermist about how the demand for his products and services has fluctuated over the years.

  • What Happens When Watching Television Becomes a Hobby

    Many people find themselves in front of a TV screen more often, or discussing a favorite show with friends or family. We talk to a psychology professor about whether watching TV with our loved ones can be a form of bonding or strengthening relationships, or if we still need to get off the couch.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
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