Chief Justice Amendment Lawsuit, Boston Marathon Bombing Verdict, Historic Education Strike

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In 1974, an education strike in Hortonville, Wisconsin led to the firing of 84 teachers and a U.S. Supreme Court case. A historian looks back on the strike, and how it impacts public education today. We also cover the ruling in the Boston Marathon Bombing case, and look at a lawsuit filed over the state’s Supreme Court chief justice constitutional amendment.

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  • Abrahamson Files Suit Over Wisconsin Chief Justice Constitutional Amendment

    Just one day after Wisconsin voters showed their support for a constitutional amendment that paves the way for the state Supreme Court to elect its chief justice, the current chief announced she’s fighting back. Justice Shirley Abrahamson has filed a federal lawsuit to try and block a removal from her post, which is widely expected from the conservative majority on the court. An expert on law and politics explains the challenge.

  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Verdict

    The jury returned a guilty verdict on all 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombing trial of Dzokhar Tsarnaev. We’ll find out what comes next for Tsarnaev now that a verdict has been reached.

  • Historic Education Strike Still Reverberates

    In 1974, when 88 teachers walked off the job in Hortonville, WI, little did they realize that they would become part of the one of the longest and most contentious education strikes in U.S. history. A historian traces the issues at stake then and now.

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