Chef Lidia Bastianich Shares Tips, How To Navigate Addiction Treatment Options, Implementing Medicaid Work Requirements Slows Ahead Of Wisconsin’s November Election

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Chef Lidia Bastianich looks over the produce at a farmer’s market in Washington, Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Public television favorite Lidia Bastianich tells us about some of the things that still challenge her in the kitchen. She shares some shortcuts we can take to make tough dishes more approachable. We also hear more about challenges that people with addictions face when they feel they’re ready to seek out treatment.And we’ll talk about the impact Medicaid changes and health care are playing in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race.

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  • Implementing Medicaid Work Requirements Slows Ahead Of Wisconsin's November Election

    Wisconsin received federal approval to implement changes to the state’s Medicaid program–which now includes work requirements for some recipients–but the state has been slow to act. Some political watchers have wondered if the campaign season might be the reason why Governor Walker and his administration hasn’t made the changes. We speak with Dan Diamond of POLITICO about his piece looking at the role Medicaid and health care are playing in the November election.

  • What Challenges Lidia Bastianich In The Kitchen?

    After a lifetime of cooking around the world, does anything still challenge Lidia Bastianich in the kitchen? We find out as the public television favorite joins us in our studio. She talks with us about overcoming intimidation and shortcuts to make those tough dishes easier.

  • How To Navigate Addiction Treatment Options

    It can take years for a person to decide they’re ready to seek treatment for an addiction. But once they’ve made the decision, what comes next? We talk to a woman who spent years researching addiction treatment options about the kinds of questions you should be asking when you’re looking for treatment.

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