Check Your Absentee Ballot Status, Help With Stress, Where Our Donated Items Go

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Suit coats for sale at Goodwill.
Among many other things, Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin sells slightly used clothing at their retail outlet locationsRobert Couse-Baker (CC-BY)

A psychologist shares some ways we can manage our stress and anxiety during this turbulent time. And we talk with an author about what he learned tracking the paths of secondhand items.

Featured in this Show

  • Do You Know The Status Of Your Absentee Ballot? There's Still Time To Take Action.

    As of October 21st, nearly 1,400 absentee ballots submitted by Wisconsinites were rejected, many for small errors. We talk with a Wisconsin journalist about how to check the status of your ballot and what you can do if yours has been rejected.

  • How To Manage The Stress And Anxiety Of This Moment

    A new survey finds stress and anxiety among Americans are at crisis levels. We talk with a psychologist about the findings, and how people can manage and mitigate these feelings.

  • The 'Secondhand' Story Of Your Unwanted, Donated Goods

    The average thrift store only sells about one third of the goods that end up on their shelves, and that doesn’t include the many things we donate that never get to the shelf. We talk with the author of a new book who spent years wondering and researching where our donated things go once they leave our hands, from leftover rummage sale items, to the unwanted possessions of a loved one passed away.

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