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A recent report shows that more than 25 percent of Americans feel stressed about money most or all of the time. We learn some ways to manage that stress. We also discuss whether Congress will vote to use armed force in Syria during our weekly Congressional roundup. Plus, a state representative shares details on a proposal to allow technical colleges to open their own charter high schools.

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  • Bill Would Let Technical Colleges Create Charter High Schools

    A pair of Republican lawmakers have proposed allowing Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges to open their own charter high schools focusing on occupational training skills.

    “The bill is designed to help kids that are not college-bound or maybe at-risk and to give them another path for training and skill development so that they can get family-sustaining jobs once they’ve graduated,” said state Rep. Thomas Weatherston, who co-authored the bill with fellow Racine Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard.

    Weatherston said the charter schools would provide trade skill instruction for “middle-skill level jobs, anything from dental hygienist, to plumbers, welders, carpenters or whatever the market deems (fit) in the area.”

    The proposal allows tech colleges to open up independent charter schools that would operate without school boards. Critics say that the charter schools would divert state funding away from public schools.

    “That’s always a concern, and a valid concern,” Weatherston said. “But if a child drops out of school they lose that money anyways. So, I think it’s a win-win for us as a society to keep people in school as long as possible and so they get the training that they need.”

    Last year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction rolled out the Course Options program, which allowed students to take up to two classes at a variety of educational institutions, including technical colleges. Weatherston said the Course Options program has been successful, but that not all public school districts allow those partnerships, and some actually try to block it. He said his and Wanggaard’s proposal would create a bigger technical education program and help serve more at-risk students.

  • Proposed Bill Would Allow For Tech College-Run Charter High Schools

    A bill co-authored by Representative Thomas Weatherston (R-Racine) and Senator Van Wanggaard would allow Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges to open their own charter high schools. The schools would focus on occupational training and subject areas including science, math and engineering. We talk with Rep. Weatherston about the proposal.

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  • Report: Money Stresses Americans Out The Most

    Money continues to be the #1 source of stress for Americans, according to a new report. A financial advisor talks about why we’re so stressed out about finances, and what we can do to manage that stress.

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