Changing The Economic Development Conversation, Wisconsin’s Healthcare Landscape, State Of Working Wisconsin

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Does the conversation about economic development in Wisconsin need to focus less on taxes and more on people? Our guest believes the best way to improve the state’s economy is to attract talent and put people first. Then we learn about the changing landscape in health care around the state, and discuss the findings from a new report on working in Wisconsin.

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  • The Case For A 'People Policy' For Economic Development In Wisconsin

    When it comes to economic development, we should be prioritizing policies aimed at attracting and keeping talent, over policies that favor cutting taxes. That’s according to the executive director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, who makes the case for a shift in thinking.

  • Wisconsin's Changing Healthcare Landscape

    Rising healthcare costs and insurance deductibles have given rise to new “direct-care” alternatives to visiting a hospital or clinic. A reporter and an owner of a direct-care service join us to talk about these new options in the world of healthcare.

  • State Of Working Wisconsin Report Shines Light On Racial Disparity In Unemployment And More

    According to a new report from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, the state faces slow job growth, stark racial disparity in unemployment, and long-term stagnation in wages. One of the report’s authors discusses the findings, and where the state needs to go from here.

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