The Changing Definition Of Adulthood, Sexual Purity Movements In The U.S.

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Sexual purity movements like True Love Waits were big in the 1990s, and preached abstinence to millions of teens around the country. Our guest looks at the history of these movements and their impact on Americans. We also discuss when someone actually becomes an adult.

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  • When Do You Really Become An Adult?

    People traditionally think of the transition to “adulthood” as a collection of markers: getting a job, getting your own place to live, getting married, having kids. But people in the United States are getting married later (or not at all) and having kids, so does that change when you really become an adult? An editor at The Atlantic tackled this question for a recent piece and talks about her findings. We also ask you to share your ideas about when you really become an adult.

  • Sexual Purity Movements In America, Past And Present

    Purity organizations like True Love Waits and others have gotten growing attention in American culture–and they are part of a tradition going back centuries. A guest traces the impact of sexual purity movements, and the story behind Virgin America.

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