Changes At The Postal Service, The Successes Of Toilet Paper, New Midwest Economic Report

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The role of the U.S. Postal Service is being highlighted as we move toward an election where voting by mail figures to be a substantial factor. We talk with a reporter about changes taking place at the USPS. Then a Wisconsin museum is sharing highlights from the history of modern toilet paper, including Wisconsin’s connection. And an economist joins us to discuss a new report looking at the relative strength of Midwestern states’ economies.

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  • New Postmaster General's Cost-Saving Measures Raise Concern About Absentee Voting Delays

    Changes made last month at the U.S. Postal Service have caused mail delays in some parts of the country and raised concerns about what they’ll mean for mail-in voting during the November election. We find out about the measures going into place and the response they’re getting from Congress.

  • The History Of Toilet Paper, And Wisconsin's Role

    As the COVID crisis hit the United States, it was very hard to find toilet paper on store shelves. A Wisconsin museum put together an online exhibit about the history of toilets and toilet paper, and Wisconsin’s role in that story.

  • The Midwest As An Economic Powerhouse

    A new report finds that the Midwest plays a more significant role in the country’s economy than previously recognized. We talk to a journalist about the report and how the Midwest could provide a roadmap for future economic recovery.

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