Changes in babysitting, Supreme Court abortion pill case, Military politicization

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Police officers walk outside the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Police officers walk outside the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington. Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

We talk to a writer about how the world of teenage babysitting has shifted. Then, a law professor helps explain the Supreme Court case over mifepristone. And later, we dig into how the U.S. military is dealing with increased political polarization.

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  • The bygone era of teen babysitters

    For decades, babysitting was a rite of passage for many preteen and teenage girls. But now, rising costs of living and changing norms around childcare have largely made the teenage “sitter” a thing of the past. A journalist joins us for a look at the rise and fall of babysitting.

  • Supreme Court hears case over abortion pill mifepristone

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week over FDA rules governing an abortion pill called mifepristone. We talk to a reproductive health law professor who studies medicated abortion about the case and what’s at stake.

  • What to do about the increasing politicization of America's military force

    The US military is meant to be a non-partisan institution – for lots of reasons. Unfortunately, and dangerously, our guest argues, politicians including those on the far-right have been increasingly politicizing and criticizing the military. She explains the situation, the stakes, and her ideas for possible solutions.

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