Canning and preserving, Wisconsin elections leadership

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Modern Classic Red Onion Pickles
Modern Classic Red Onion Pickles. Photo by Peter Larson

This week’s edition of Food Friday teaches us best practices for pickling, preserving and canning foods. Then, a reporter and a political scientist join us to look at the latest conflicts over reappointing Wisconsin Elections Administrator Meagan Wolfe.

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  • Food Friday: The art of canning, pickling and preserving

    Summer is coming to an end, and with it the days of abundant garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. But through the art of canning, pickling and preserving, you can eat delicious, quality produce year-round. We talk to a viral county-fair champion and author of a new cookbook about her secrets to mastering this timeless culinary art.

  • Why state lawmakers are clashing over reappointing Wisconsin's elections administrator

    A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter fills us in on a state Senate public hearing this week — filled with debunked claims of 2020 election fraud — to discuss reappointing Meagan Wolfe to be administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. State Attorney General Josh Kaul has said the proceedings are illegal under Wisconsin law. Then a Wisconsin political scientist analyzes the situation, and this instance of the governing style of Republican legislative leaders.

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