Canada And U.S. On NAFTA, When Do We Fly Flags At Half-Staff?, American Jails

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While America’s jails are designed to hold inmates for short periods of time, the damage the system and its enforcers leave on residents can outlast their stay by a long shot. We talk to a professor about how inmates struggle to find dignity in the system that leaves them with little power to do so. We also take a look at President Trump’s latest weigh in on NAFTA on Week in Washington and we discuss when and why Wisconsin state flags are moved to the half-staff position.

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  • This Week In Washington – July 4, 2018

    The Education and Justice Departments are rolling back guidelines from the Obama administration on affirmative action in college admissions. We discuss the move and check up on how trade disputes between the US and Canada could affect NAFTA negotiations. Plus, a look at calls to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • The Tradition Of Flying Flags At Half-Staff

    For some, it may seem like seeing flags lowered to half-staff is an increasingly common occurrence. We talk to a contributor at WisContext who recently dug into the history of the practice, and some of the rules governing it.

  • What It's Like In America's Jails

    A lot of attention is paid to conditions in American prisons, but our jails are often overlooked. a Wisconsin researcher examines who ends up in jails, what the experience is like, and where there is room for improvement.

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