Campus Free Speech Bill Advances, Wisconsin Purple Martin Fest, Who Pays For A Wedding

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A bill that would establish a system of punishment for students who disrupt campus events passed the state Assembly yesterday. We hear about its chances in the Senate. New reporting finds that when it comes to paying for a wedding, the parents of the bride are footing more of the bill than the groom’s family. Our guest explains the long history behind the practice and suggests new ways of paying for the party. We also hear about an upcoming festival celebrating the purple martin, one of the most aerobatic birds in the sky.

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  • State Assembly Passes Campus Free Speech Bill And More

    The state assembly passed a bill that would expel student protesters who disrupt campus events at UW System schools. We’ll talk to WPR’s state capitol reporter about that and other pieces of legislation that the assembly took up.

  • Celebrating Wisconsin's Purple Martins

    A festival near Horicon Marsh celebrates a unique Wisconsin bird–the Purple Martin. A wildlife biologist shares the story behind the species, and what’s going on at Martinfest.

  • The Bride's Family Is Still Paying More For Weddings Than The Groom's Family

    A new report says the parents of the bride are still paying more than the parents of the groom when it comes to the total wedding cost. Our guest says that tradition may go back decades, but it’s still alive today, along with new ways of paying for a wedding bash.

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