Campaign Finance 2016, Latin Jazz Band Leader, Websites Cracking Down On Harassment, Spooner School District Budget

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Websites like Twitter and Reddit have recently taken measures to stop harassment online, even though some of the sites’ users disagree with the measures. We discuss the current state of online harassment, and how it’s changing. We also explore the world of Latin jazz with a Wisconsin band leader, and talk about the campaign finance issues already arising in Wisconsin’s 2016 senatorial race. Finally, we get a report on budget issues facing the Spooner School District.

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  • Feingold Applies Pressure To Johnson On Campaign Finance While Taking Heat Himself

    Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold is both putting pressure on his opponent Ron Johnson and taking fire himself over the issue of campaign finance.

    On Friday Feingold proposed to Senator Ron Johnson that they pledge to keep third party spending out of their 2016 senate race. On Monday, Feingold took heat for the spending of his political action committee, Progressives United.

    According to data compiled by, of the 7.1 million dollars that the PAC raised, only 5% went to federal candidates and political parties. Large amounts of that money went to further fundraising and salaries for Feingold and his former staff members.

  • Wisconsin Life: All That Jazz

    In today’s Wisconsin Life, we talk to the leader of a Madison-based Latin jazz band about the jazz scene in Wisconsin.

  • As Reddit Bans Harassing Forums, Are We Seeing A More Hands-On Approach To Combating Online Harassment?

    At times, the Internet can be a nasty place, but some websites and social networks are now taking more hands-on steps to combat trolls and online harassment. Most recently, Reddit banned five of its forums for violating a new anti-harassment policy, but some users are crying foul, citing freedom of speech concerns. An expert in online communities discusses how sites like Reddit, which have traditionally been hands-off when it comes to what users do, are now trying to crack down on harassment.

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