Calls For “Ideological Diversity” At UW, Science Discoveries, Milwaukee’s Pre-Inauguration Discussion

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This Wednesday, NPR and WPR host a panel discussion in Milwaukee that will ask people what they want President-elect Trump to know about them or their communities as he takes office. An NPR political correspondent joins us to preview the event. Scientists recently discovered a fossilized member of the nightshade plant family that was far older than they expected. A science writer speaks with us about the details of the finding, as well as brains, teeth, and dinosaur eggs! Plus, a top news headline.

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  • Republicans Call For 'Ideological Diversity' At UW

    Arguing that courses and programs on UW campuses have a liberal bias, some Republican lawmakers in the state assembly have said that creating “ideological diversity” will be one of their priorities this session. A higher education reporters tells us about the call for different viewpoints on campus, and debates over academic freedom.

  • Nightshades Are Much Older Than We Thought, And Other Science News

    A pair of fossilized tomatillos from Argentina are over 50 million years old–much older than scientists thought the nightshade plant family was. We get the details of this and other top science news with Gemma Tarlach of Discover Magazine.

  • NPR's Don Gonyea In Milwaukee For 'A Nation Engaged'

    NPR’s national political correspondent Don Gonyea joins before his stop in Milwaukee for “A Nation Engaged: A Pre-Inauguration Conversation.” We’ll talk to him about his experience criss-crossing America to cover election 2016 and what he’s hearing from people about the challenges and priorities of people around the country.

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