The Cajun Kitchen, Fish DNA Tracking, MPD Out Of MPS

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Fried Softshell Shrimp
Fried Softshell Shrimp. Excerpted from Mosquito Supper Club by Melissa Martin (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2020. Photograph by Denny Culbert

A Cajun cook tells us about the women and traditions behind some recipes from her home on the bayou. Then WPR’s K-12 reporter gives us the latest on schools in Wisconsin reconsidering the role of police on their campuses. We also talk with a Wisconsin grad student researching a better way to estimate fish populations.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Cajun Cooking From The Mosquito Supper Club

    We venture down to the bayou for this Food Friday, exploring a new cookbook from a Cajun restaurant chef in New Orleans. We also discuss the importance of women in keeping Cajun cooking traditions alive.

  • Milwaukee Police Voted Out Of Public Schools

    The public school system in Milwaukee’s board of directors voted Thursday to end their contract with the city’s police department. We talk with WPR’s K-12 education reporter about the details of officers leaving schools, and what else the board discussed in the wake of worldwide protests over police brutality and treatment of Black people.

  • Environmental DNA Provides Another Way To Estimate Wisconsin's Fish Populations

    Estimating fish populations in Wisconsin’s lakes is usually involves multiple anglers, tags and lots of time. However, environmental DNA is showing promise as an efficient way to gather data. We talk with a researcher about the method and how it can help track Wisconsin’s favorite fish.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Melissa Martin Guest
  • Madeline Fox Guest
  • Mike Spear Guest

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