Cabin Owners Urged To Put Off Seasonal Visits, Musicians And Coronavirus Relief, Federalism During Pandemic

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A WPR reporter tells us about vacationers being asked to not go to their cabins in more rural parts of Wisconsin due to the coronavirus. Then we talk to a communication arts professor about various financial and creative impacts the pandemic is having on musicians. And we discuss how America’s version of federalism is holding up during this turbulence.

Featured in this Show

  • Northern Counties Advising Seasonal And Second Homeowners To Delay Travel

    For people with second homes in northern Wisconsin, spring is usually a time to visit the property for cleaning and maintenance. But due to COVID-19, county officials are urging potential travelers to stay put. We hear about their reasoning and how rural areas are dealing with the pandemic.

  • Musicians Impacted By Coronavirus Seeing Relief From Several Sources

    We talk to a communication arts professor about the major shift in how musicians are trying to support themselves with scores of gigs and festivals being canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Balance Of Power Between States And The Federal Government During A Pandemic

    States are largely taking their own actions in the fight against coronavirus, and some say that shows the flaws in the American system of federalism. We hear a perspective on some of the system’s strengths and weaknesses during a global pandemic.

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