Building self-confidence, Social media’s impact on teens

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Mauston high school students make adjustments to their turbine
Then-juniors (left to right) Sean Cowin, Luke Kattenbraker and Landon Bilka of Mauston High School make adjustments to their turbine during the wind tunnel portion of the KidWind Challenge held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Photo courtesy of Luke Heath

A performance psychology author helps us build our self-confidence. Then, another author joins to look how social media platforms are affecting teenagers, especially young girls.

Featured in this Show

  • Facing your next big challenge? Start with self-confidence

    From landing a job to besting a sports rival, accomplishing big things starts with a belief in ourselves. That’s according to our guest, the performance psychology director at West Point. He shares ways to build up our self-confidence and use it when we need it the most.

  • How social media is changing and challenging the lives of teen girls

    Large social media companies have been telling lawmakers to trust them when it comes to regulating how their platforms and programs advertise to and protect young users, especially female ones. We discuss what’s improved, and worsened, about the situation since our guest wrote a book about it several years ago.

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