Budget Projections, Orson Welles, Black Men Missing From Daily Life

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Adjusted state revenue numbers are set to come out this week, and they will affect how the Joint Finance Committee decides on certain budget items. We learn about the measures that could get funding, and those that may not. We also discuss the issue of black men missing from society, and learn about Orson Welles on his 100th birthday.

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  • State Budget Decisions Hinge On Revised Revenue Numbers

    The state’s revised revenue numbers are scheduled to be released this week. Many of the Joint Finance Committee’s big decisions appear to be on hold until those numbers come out.

  • Wisconsin Life: Orson Welles

    We celebrate the 100th birthday of Kenosha’s very own film and radio legend, Orson Welles.

  • 14,000 Black Men Missing From Daily Life In Milwaukee

    According to a new analysis of census data, there are 1.5 million black men missing from daily life in the United States in large part as a result of incarceration. In Milwaukee that number is 14,000.

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