Budget Address Preview, Planetary Boundaries Crossed, Parenting And Income

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An international team of researchers says we’re on our way to making the earth uninhabitable. We learn what, if anything, can be done to reverse this trend. We also examine how income affects parenting and get a preview of tonight’s state budget address.

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  • Previewing Governor Walker's State Budget Address

    Governor Scott Walker delivers his state budget address tonight, with big cuts expected as the Wisconsin approaches a looming shortfall. A political editor breaks down what to watch for tonight.

  • Study: 4 Of 9 'Planetary Boundaries' Have Now Been Crossed By Humans

    According to researchers, there are nine so-called ‘planetary boundaries’ on Earth that ensure the long-term survival of humanity. However, according to those researchers, four of those boundaries have already been crossed by humans, which could mean irrepairable damange to the planet. One of the researchers weighs on those conditions, and what, if anything, can be done to make sure the rest of the boundaries are not crossed.

  • Income May Influence Parenting More Than Family Structure

    According to a new report, when it comes to raising kids, family income matters more than family structure.We take a look at how money influences everything from family meal time to television viewing.

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