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Wisconsin’s Economic Development Corporation came under fire last month for questionable loans, but one businessman says we shouldn’t give up on it yet. He argues the organization is the state’s best resource for creating jobs. We also get the latest news on three bills being considered in the state Assembly Tuesday. One would expand the ability to carry concealed knives, one would begin the process of abolishing the state treasurer’s office, and the third would overhaul Wisconsin’s civil service system.

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  • Halloween Book Recommendations

    We’ll get recommendations from a WPR super-reader for some of the best new spooky reads for Halloween.

  • The Case For Keeping WEDC

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has seen its share of troubles, but one businessman says we shouldn’t get rid of it just yet. He makes the case that WEDC is a good program, and can help create jobs in the future.

  • State Assembly Considers Bills On Switchblades, Ending The Office Of State Treasurer, And Overhauling Wisconsin's Civil Service System

    On Tuesday, the state Assembly plans to discuss bills that would expand the ability to carry concealed weapons, overhaul Wisconsin’s civil service system, and begin the process of eliminating the office of the state treasurer. Shawn Johnson fills us in on the latest news on these bills.

  • 3 Great Books To Read This Halloween

    Before you go stocking up on toilet paper, eggs, and shaving cream this Halloween, think again. The weather has turned. It’s cold outside. And the price of eggs is up 50 percent over last fall thanks to the bird flu outbreak.

    Why not instead curl up with a great new Halloween read recommended by WPR’s own Anne Strainchamps?

    Ash and Bramble” by Sarah Prineas

    “This is a totally original take on a fractured fairy tale,” said Strainchamps.

    In this novel, which the host of “To The Best of Our Knowledge” describes as a young adult page-turner, a woman named Pin is enslaved as a seamstress, making ball gowns fit for a princess. After being caught following an escape attempt, she is re-enslaved and made to play the role of Cinderella, with a charming prince, happy ending and all.

    But in this feminist retelling of the classic fairy tale, Pin wants to choose her own destiny.

    Rules for Werewolves” by Krik Lynn

    This werewolf story told entirely through dialogue is equal parts dark and funny. It’s centered on a group of teenagers who roam suburbia and squat in vacant houses. The idea came from the author’s own high school days, when he would break into neighborhood houses for sale with friends or dates.

    In an interview he did with Strainchamps, Lynn said that he and his editor actually disagree as to whether the teens in the book are literal or metaphorical werewolves.

    “You don’t really know whether they’re pretending to be werewolves or whether they are literally werewolves,” said Strainchamps.

    “Slade House: A Novel” by David Mitchell

    If you like a truly creepy read, best-selling author David Mitchell’s take on a haunted house story is for you. The titular Slate House is an old mansion inhabited by a creepy brother and sister, who invite someone new into the house every nine years. The catch: Once you go in, you can never leave.

    According to Strainchamps, “Slade House” — a short book by Mitchell’s standards, clocking in at about 238 pagesis very literary.

    “It’s absolutely beautifully written,” she said.

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