Board Games During A Pandemic, Looking Behind The Mechanics Of A Virus, New Executive Order To Keep Meatpacking Plants Open

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Board games are one of the ways people are entertaining themselves while staying safer-at-home. We discuss their rise in popularity and hear from listeners about some of their favorites. We also talk with a virologist about his lab’s research on the novel coronavirus — and how it compares to previous outbreaks. And we discuss the impact of President Trump ordering meatpacking plants to stay open.

Featured in this Show

  • Which Board Games Are You Playing During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

    With safer-at-home orders still in place throughout Wisconsin, families are entertaining themselves with board games. We look at which ones have become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to expand play over video chat services.

  • UW Virologist Explains The Science Behind The Coronavirus

    A UW-Madison virologist joins us to share firsthand knowledge of the science behind viruses — how they start, how they change, how outbreaks come to an end — drawing from his past work researching viruses such as SARS and Zika, and his lab’s current work researching COVID-19.

  • Unpacking Trump's Order For Meat And Poultry Processing Plants To Stay Open

    We go back to a worker health and safety expert to review a controversial executive order that comes as several meatpacking plants have emerged as hotspots for coronavirus cases.

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